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Service Provider FAQs

TrueSafe Administrator Features

User Management
Easy, web-based administration
Easy user provisioning
Set user level storage quota
Set quota for the number of user computers allowed on your service
User managed passwords
Secure user authentication
Assign licenses
Disable or remove users

Reports & Notifications
Backups in Progress
Backup summary statistics
Incomplete backups
Storage utilization
License utilization
Detailed activity status for any computer
Email notifications

TrueSafe Enterprise Host Features

Supports Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. Workstation or Server Edition.
Runs as an application or as a service
Supports a large number of simultaneous users
Secure, encrypted user connection
Encrypted user backup archives
Block level backup
HIPAA Compliant
Secure archive view and restore. Encrypted archives can be viewed only by the end user
Flexible storage options
Backup Seeding
Reverse Seeding for rapid restore
Bandwidth control - definable bandwidth schedule
Built-in diagnostics
User timezone independent

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