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TrueSafe for Business

The Challenge
You've probably got your server data protected. But what about your laptops and desktops?
Have your employees ever suffered a critical data loss? Have you ever had a laptop lost or
stolen? Have you ever had a hard disk crash?

It's not so much the cost of the hardware, is it? It's the lost customer file, the
critical presentation, or the irreplaceable spreadsheet.

You've tried to get your employees to backup their data regularly, but frankly it's a hassle and yet another thing for them to remember to do.

What if you could have a solution that backed up all your laptops and workstations automatically, when you want and where you want? One that didn't require your employees to remember to backup, or to hassle with complicated software. One that covered your mobile and remote users too.

Introducing TrueSafe
TrueSafe is a data protection solution for your desktop and laptop PCs. TrueSafe protects your critical business data from loss, damage, and accidental deletion.

Zero User Impact
Unlike other backup products, TrueSafe doesn't require your users to learn a new application, remember to run it, or adjust their work habits. TrueSafe runs automatically and in the background, without interrupting or disrupting your work.

Easy to Deploy
TrueSafe is quickly and easily deployed. In just 5 minutes you can be installed, configured, and protected. TrueSafe even supports a corporate backup policy that you can define and deploy to all users, specifying the drive(s), folders, and files to backup, the backup schedule, and the backup destination.

You decide where your data is backed up
With TrueSafe, you choose where you want to backup your corporate data- a network file share, in-house server, another company site, or over the internet to a remote hosting facility. No VPN required. TrueSafe's built-in internet backup capability allows you to backup just about anywhere.

Protects your Mobile and Remote Users too
You can set up TrueSafe to support your mobile and remote users can backup from anywhere.

And best of all, it's affordable!
Contact us today and learn more about how you can protect your critical business data.

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