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TrueSafe for Home

Could This Be You?
Do you have a growing amount of digital data stored on your personal computer? Such as photos, music, documents, email, and more? Would these files be costly to replace and recreate, or in many cases, be irreplaceable?

You know you should back up your data,
but your life is busy enough, and it's a chore.

Don't Become Another Statistic
Have you ever lost valuable computer files? It happens to everyone sooner or later- your
hard disk crashes, your laptop is dropped or stolen, a virus gets onto your system,
or you accidently delete a file.

You may have even have heard some of these statistics:
One in three computer users have experienced losing all their files.
Over half of internet users have lost computer files.
Many users will experience a data loss this year.

If you have a laptop, you are even more vulnerable and susceptible to loss.

So What's different about TrueSafe?
For starters, TrueSafe is geared for hassle-free operation. We believe that software should
work for you, not the other way around.

If you've tried other backup products, you've probably noticed that many require you to be a computer expert.
Here are some of the key reasons we think TrueSafe is a better way:

A typical TrueSafe user is up and running in less than 5 minutes.
It runs in the background so you can work uninterrupted.
It runs automatically- no need for reminders.
Disaster level protection- you can backup your files on the computer of a friend
    or relative, no rocket science required. Learn More...

Not to mention, our Personal Edition is free! That's right, it's not a trial, and there are
no subscription nag screens.

How Do I Get Started?
There are 2 editions to choose from. Our Personal Edition is yours to use free, for as long as you like.
You're limited to 1 GB of data. However, you get to experience the ease and convenience of TrueSafe. Our Professional Edition allows an unlimited backup size and more
sophisticated backup capabilities.

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