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TrueSafe for Service Providers

The Challenge
As a Service Provider, whether you provide IT services, web hosting, or outsourced business services, you're always seeking additional value-added offerings for your customers. Expanding your offerings increases your revenue, extends your markets, deepens your relationship with customers, and enhances your competitive position.

Online Backup as a Value-Added Service
Whether in the business or the home, your customers have critical data on their servers, laptops, and workstations- Exchange stores, databases, email, accounting records, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, marketing and sales collateral, photographs, music, and more. In most cases, this important data doesn’t get backed up regularly, nor stored offsite. A server crash, a dropped or stolen laptop, or a file that is accidently deleted, can result in the loss of valuable corporate intellectual property and time. An online backup solution, i.e. one that backs up data to remote storage over the internet, will allow your customers to protect their critical digital assets offsite.

Introducing the TrueSafe Service Provider Suite
Our Service Provider Suite enables you to immediately offer a branded online backup solution to your customers. With our solution, your customers can securely backup their data over the internet to your hosted storage.

With TrueSafe, you can generate significant additional revenue for your organization.

The Service Provider Suite includes all the software infrastructure required to offer the service. You simply provide a server and storage. The Service Provider Suite includes:

TrueSafe Administrator- a web-based administrative console for provisioning
  and managing your users. Learn more»
TrueSafe Enterprise Host- server side application to manage and store
  backups. Learn more»
TrueSafe client- end user desktop application. Learn more»

TrueSafe Advantages
Designed for your business customers- support for servers, Exchange, SQL Server,
   and more.
SaaS Infrastructure- we provide the bulk of the infrastructure online and manage it
   so you don't have to.
Quick and easy deployment- you can have your service up and running in minutes.
Easy web-based administration- online user management, reports, and more.
Built in Security- encrypted communication and archives.
Branded Service- offer the service under your corporate brand.
Flexible backup policies- supports offsite and onsite backup.
Enhances your competitive advantage- as your service, you can grow your market
   and increase customer retention.
Easy for your customers too- your customers can provision themselves.
Automatic backups.
No expensive hardware appliances for your customers to buy.

Getting Started
The TrueSafe Service Provider Suite is offered under an affordable subscription model, minimizing your up front costs and allowing you to scale with adoption. Combined with easy and fast deployment, you realize a rapid return on investment.

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If you want to learn more about TrueSafe, check out the Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Sales.

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