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TrueSafe backs up your computer files, providing you with protection against loss,
corruption, and accidental deletion.

TrueSafe is designed for people that don't want to hassle with backups- it is easy to use
and runs automatically.

Virtually everyone has suffered data loss at some point. You know it's only a question
of time. Don't risk losing your valuable data.

Get TrueSafe today!

Key Features
Backup your email, pictures, music, documents, videos, and more.
Easy to Setup- install and get protected in just 5 minutes.
Hassle free- automatic operation frees you from backup drudgery.
Backup to your USB hard disk, USB flash drive, network drive, and more.
Zip Format - save in a convenient, non-proprietary Zip format file.
Locked file support- backup files that are in use by other applications. Great for
   backing up your Outlook email.
Disaster Level Protection- optionally backup your data offsite to another computer
   running TrueSafe.
Host other user's backups on your computer and help your friends and family
   stay protected.
Laptop support- supports users on the go with suspend/resume awareness.
Email Notifications- let you know when your backup has completed or is past due.
Unobtrusive- runs in the background so you can keep working.

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TrueSafe Editions

Personal Edition
Experience the ease and convenience of TrueSafe
Fast and easy installation and setup
Free for non-commercial use

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Professional Edition
Complete data protection for the business and home
Backup over the internet to a remote computer
Automated and easy to use
Create comprehensive backup profiles
Affordable Price

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Professional Server Edition
Supports Windows Server
All the features of the Professional Edition for workstations

System Requirements
Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. Windows Server requires the Professional Server Edition.
256MB RAM (512MB Recommended)
20 MB free hard disk space for typical installation of all components

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