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Why True Safe?

Why is TrueSafe a better way?
For starters, TrueSafe is geared for hassle-free operation. We believe that software should work for you, not the other way around. Other products available today require you to be a computer expert, interrupt your work, and still force you to deal with the mundane chore of backing up your data.

Hassle-Free Data Protection
TrueSafe is fully automatic and runs on a schedule that you define. You no longer need to remind yourself to backup your data. Furthermore, it runs in the background, allowing you to continue to work on your computer even while it’s running.

Supports Laptop Users
With laptops becoming the preferred PC for many users, a solution must support laptops. TrueSafe’s laptop friendly features support users on the go- when you close your laptop, TrueSafe also suspends it’s activities, silently and gracefully. When you wake your laptop, TrueSafe picks up right where it left off.

Easy Installation
TrueSafe is quickly and easily deployed. In just 5 minutes you can be installed, set up, and protectedBusiness users can deploy a corporate backup policy to all users in the company- specifying the folders and files to backup, the backup schedule, and the backup destination.

Disaster Level Protection
For maximum protection, your data should be saved offsite. TrueSafe allows you to backup your data over the internet to another computer running TrueSafe! You can backup your data to a computer belonging a friend or family member. Utilizing the same encrypted communication used when you bank online, your data is transmitted securely to the remote computer. And the best part is there is no rocket science or complicated vpn required. Naturally, you can reciprocate and host the backups of your friends and family on your computer.

Until now, the only real choices available to you were local backup solutions and pure online solutions. With local backup solutions, you backup to another hard disk or device, but don’t realize the benefits of offsite data protection. With online solutions you backup your data to servers belonging to a third party. Only TrueSafe provides you with the offsite protection of an online solution, while still allowing you to determine where your data will be stored.

Flexible Backup Destinations
TrueSafe also supports backing up your data to another hard disk, a usb flash drive, a network drive, external usb hard drive, and more. This allows you to decide what’s right for you.

Backup Profiles
Our Professional Edition allows you to create a multiplicity of backup profiles. Each backup profile specifies the files to backup, the backup destination, and the backup schedule. Utilizing multiple profiles allows you to create more sophisticated backup strategies that work for your business.

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